Rope walls and yoga walls allow for deeper poses. Yoga Wall is based on BKS Iyengar’s rope wall. All yoga practitioners can thank BKS Iyengar for most of our yoga props, like blocks, and straps.  Iyengar Yoga is alignment based and the straps used on the yoga wall help practitioners to stay safely aligned. The yoga wall assists people who are stiff or who have difficulty holding poses. It provides stability and security and increases body awareness. Practicing yoga on the yoga wall strengthens and tones muscles and releases tight areas.

Here are 10 reasons you should give it a try!

1. Gain New Perspectives on Yoga

Yoga wall allows you to feel and experience your yoga practice in a new way. When using the yoga wall, your practice becomes more vertical. You can even experience inversions you’ve never tried before and literally see the world upside down!

2. Deepen the Practice

The yoga wall allows students to explore poses and take them deeper. Just like doing Half Moon against the wall allows you not to worry about your balance do you can concentrate on opening your hips, yoga wall allows you to take poses deeper and open in different ways. Down dog becomes about making space in your spine and stretching your hamstrings instead of holding yourself up with your arms. Deepening your yoga practice is amazing!

3. Sustain the Asana

Holding poses longer allows the body to settle into them. It also your to really feel which muscles are working and which are stretching. It allows your to focus on your breath and quiet your noisy mind. Since the yoga wall supports a lot of the body weight, students can stay in poses longer and really feel them!

4. Anchor the Pose and Expand Movement

Doing poses on the yoga wall allows students to feel anchored in the pose. With the side of the back foot against the wall in Warrior 2, the student feels anchored and uses the back leg more fully. Feeling this on the wall, teaches students to use those muscles in their Warrior 2 in regular yoga classes as well.

5. Feel Better in Your Body

Since yoga wall allows you to stretch deeper and strengthen muscles you don’t normally use, you feel better in your body when you leave yoga wall class. It’s great to feel juicy for hours after class!

6. Experience Near Weightlessness

The yoga wall supports your weight so you get to feel like you’re floating, much like aerial yoga.  You can stretch and move like never before!

7. Increase Muscle Strength

Yoga wall helps with balance, which allows you to concentrate on using your muscles effectively.  You get stronger when you practice poses you may not normally be able to practice.

8. Strengthen Different Muscle Groups

If you are already practicing lots of yoga, yoga wall allows you to try out using different muscle groups than you might normally use.  This allows you to strengthen those lesser used groups!

9. Improve Flexibility

Since you don’t need to worry about supporting all of your body weight, you can focus on increasing your flexibility.  Yoga Wall is practiced with alignment in mind to help keep you safe as you increase your flexibility.

10. Improve Spine Health

The yoga wall acts as traction for your spine, allowing discs to safely move back into place by releasing compression between the vertebra.  It feels so good!

Find your way to a yoga wall workshop, class, or private lesson and feel better today!