Online Offerings

Daisy Yoga Studio offers meditation and yoga coaching, private yoga, yoga therapy, workshops, and yoga classes (coming soon) online.

Vacay Yoga Course

This 6 week online yoga course will lead you through gentle, therapeutic,

restorative, and flow yoga classes that you can do at home, at the beach, in the park, even in an airplane! You’ll receive one 15-20 minute yoga video each week day!


Individual Yoga Video


6 week Course


DOWNLOAD 6 week Course

FRESH Start!

This 6 week online course will lead you through creating a vision board, creating long term and short term life goals, and beginning a consistent journaling practice that will help you reach your goals.


Fresh Start + Coaching: Reach Your Goals with One-On-One Coaching

This gives you the 6 week online course plus one-on-one coaching throughout the process with Rhonda. The format of the coaching is up to you! In person, online, or on the phone: it’s up to you! Course starts 2/5/18.


Meditation & Yoga Coaching

Rhonda offers meditation and yoga coaching online. Are you trying to start a home practice? Are you struggling to find stillness or quiet your monkey mind during meditation? Would you like one-on-one attention and help with these life-changing skills? I can help!

The FUNdamentals of Meditation

This 6 week online course will teach you to have fun while meditating. Meditation can lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, overcome depression, quiet monkey mind, and help manage chronic pain! You get 8 tutorial videos, 18 guided meditations, and resources delivered to your email inbox!