Workshops are longer classes intended to explore topics we don’t always have time to cover in a regular group class. They are usually 1.25-2 hours long and are done in person at a yoga studio.

Writing Workshop

This 8 week writing workshop will meet once a week to discuss writing skills, share current projects, and get feedback from fellow writers. You can work on a current project of any genre or start a new one. Times and dates will be determined by the group. The group will begin meeting the first full week of the month. Email Rhonda at [email protected] to register.

The cost is $15 per class or $80 for all 8 weeks.




Bullet Journaling for Creativity and Stress Relief

In this workshop, Rhonda Waterhouse, M.Ed. will show you how to use a bullet journal to find time to be creative and also to relieve stress.  A bullet journal is a method for planning, organizing and tracking.  It is completely flexible depending on your needs. You can keep it simple or make it complex. It’s up to you! If you use it regularly, a bullet journal will help you be more productive, use your time in a way  that aligns with your values, and relieve stress and anxiety. Rhonda will lead you through some simple, seated breathing and relaxation techniques to increase your focus and relieve stress while we work on our journals together.
Use any journal or notebook that you like, pens or ultra fine tip permanent markers, stencils and a ruler (if you have them), and of course, have an open mind!

Saturday 8/8/20 10:00-11:30 am online through Zoom!







In this fun class, Debbie will help us stretch and strengthen using your own yoga ball.  This class is a great work out with lots of silliness. If you don’t have a yoga ball, they are available at Walmart with a pump for just $10 and they make great desk chairs!

Saturday 8/15 10:00 am – 11:15 pm at Daisy Yoga Studio