Workshops are longer classes intended to explore topics we don’t always have time to cover in a regular group class. They are usually 1.25-2 hours long and are done in person at a yoga studio.  Some workshops are offered through Zoom or on demand as well.

Yoga Wall

Rhonda will lead you through a stretchy and fun yoga wall workshop appropriate for all. The Yoga Wall is a system of wall mounted adjustable straps and harnesses that helps students find more ease and versatility in hundreds of yoga poses. This system creates greater support and accessibility for inversions, backbends, therapeutics, and standing poses. The yoga wall enables students to more easily explore accurate body alignment, receive assistance with postural stability as they build internal strength, and avoid excessive strain.

Space is limited. Because of the difficulty of wearing masks during yoga wall, all participants must be vaccinated against COVID 19.


Yoga & Writing

Yoga and meditation can improve your writing while helping you maintain your physical and mental health. Join me for this workshop where we will try out some yoga methods to find the ones that work best for your creative brain! 

In-person space is limited to 12 people at our new studio in Wilmington (only 6 minutes from UNCW). Masks are optional. You can also join us on Zoom or by recording. 

Saturday, October 22nd @ 1:30 pm

Your Choice of Payment or Use Your Class Pass


Join me for 2 special yoga classes at 9 am on Wednesdays October 5 and 12 in the courtyard behind Kenan Hall on the UNCW Campus!  The class will also be over Zoom or by Recording.  

Regular Class Pass or Donation

Space is limited so sign up today!

Aerial Yoga Workshop

Aerial Yoga Workshop

 Come fly with us!  Beginners or experienced aerial yoga students will love this class.  Classic yoga poses mixed with the aerial hammock make for a fun and challenging class for all!

Coming soon! 


Space is limited so sign up today!

I’ve been practicing yoga with Rhonda at Daisy Studio for over two years. She is an awesome teacher that takes the time to understand what your goals are and helps you to be your best self. Rhonda connects with her students on a personal level, getting to know each student by talking individually to understand what we feel are our limits. As with any great teacher, she helps you to surpass your walls and achieve more physical and mental strength. —Joelle


Since I have started yoga at Daisy Studio, my life has changed. I participate in two classes each week that work on balance, stretching, and strength. I feel so much better and have improved in all of these areas. Rhonda is great at focusing on individual needs as requested. She is also helpful in working out scheduling conflicts. Can't imagine not doing yoga!!! Thank you Rhonda! —S.C.


I love Yoga at Daisy Studio. I feel very comfortable and love seeing everyone in person and on Zoom. Overall I feel much better after Yoga. Learning how to stretch to benefit the various joints has helped me immensely. As I age, I notice that I am more flexible and have great range of motion. I love it! —Susan

Susan Arrowood

I have been with Rhonda over 5 years doing Yoga. She not only is an awesome yoga teacher but a great friend as well. She is always there to help anyone in any condition to strengthen your body. Some may think yoga is too hard for me from past experience but Rhonda is always there, very concerned, about how to do yoga the way YOUR body can do it. She is uplifting in her attitude towards each student. If you haven't tried yoga, or maybe you have in the past, I highly recommend you take a class from Rhonda and see how amazing your body will feel and also thank you for taking such good care of your body, at any age! —Debbie


Rhonda is the most wonderful teacher. She is patient, kind and caring and is always helpful in adapting poses to match abilities. The studio is a happy cheerful space. I wouldn’t be able to be as mobile and flexible as I am without my Daisy yoga. —Joy


I have attended classes at Daisy studio in person and online for several years. I really enjoy the "yoga chill" class. It's a good combination of stretching and active (not too active) poses. Rhonda offers alternatives for poses in many cases - both more and less intense. I consider Daisy yoga to be part of my wellness routine, to be a key part of my goal to remain active and mobile as I age. Rhonda welcomes all and her friendly approach makes both in person and online class pleasant. —Peggy

Peggy Geiger

Daisy Yoga is an awesome yoga studio. The instructor is the best I have ever practiced under. She structures her classes to meet the participants abilities and will always help modify a pose to make it work for you. She installs confidence and encourages her students to do things they never thought possible. If you are looking for a yoga studio, I highly recommend Daisy Yoga. —Amy

Amy Anderson

I am grateful for Rhonda’s motivation and kindness received in yoga classes. Her patience day to day encourages me to strive toward better fitness! Thanks Rhonda. —Julienne


Wanted to give a big 5 star WOOHOO shout out to Daisy Yoga! I Started back my yoga practice when it was “Covid safe” again. Taking time away made me realize how much I missed it and NEED it. Rhonda is a great and caring instructor. She’s so helpful in assisting you with the poses and explaining other positions for your individual needs. I always feel so much better when I leave her studio. Highly recommend Daisy Yoga! —Susan

Susan Crawford

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